I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. At 21, married, I travelled extensively around the globe. 25 years and 3 children later I returned home to Aberdeen. I studied at Gray’s School of Art and gained a Batchelor’s Degree in Fine Art and a Master’s Degree in Art and Design.

I work from a Wasps studio in town and produce works mainly in oil on canvas and paper. I enjoy experimenting and trying new techniques and mixing mediums. Nature, especially gardens is my key inspiration. I like to transform the shapes and have a loose approach with thin layers of oils, the occurrence and development of the work by chance leads to happy accidents, fortunate happenstance! I have gained many influences from the different countries and cultures I have lived in and try to incorporate this also in my work practise. My work has been shown and sold nationally and internationally.

For any enquiries please get in touch with below email.